Saturday, July 18, 2009

All good things must come to a beginning.

Welcome to my pet project! I won't bore you with details about myself, since they're not nearly as important as the matter at hand, which is you. I'm here to make you smile. And I know that sometimes when people learn that there are people trying to force them to smile they'll turn contrary. I do it myself, but bear with me.

I had this idea, like all ideas that seem good at the time, at about two in the morning. I have a friend who was putting together a senior portfolio for a photography project and couldn't decide whether they wanted to actually turn in the project, or get drunk and annotate the photos. I suggested they do both, and fell instantly in love with the idea of seeing what someone would write all over photographs. I decided I would do it myself.

But you see, as anyone who has ever been to my apartment knows, I have no use for boxes of annotated photographs. And besides, wouldn't it be more fun if other people saw them as well?

That's where you come in. I need your help. What I've done is write things on printed photographs. Some of them have simply been doodled on, some of them have short messages on them, all of them have been made to brighten someone's day. At the most I'm hoping people will see these and smile, check out the site, and decide to do the same, leaving messages of their own on pictures and in turn, passing the smile on. At the very least, I'm hoping that someone smiles.

For the particulars, since I don't have a FAQ because I haven't been asked any questions at all at the time of this writing, here is how I did it. I took photos with my point and shoot digi cam, printed them out at Target, and wrote on them with Sharpies. I personally used a silver Sharpie and a black Sharpie paint pen, but I'm sure you can use any color. (I used Sharpies because they were the only thing I tried on the photo paper that didn't later smudge.) It's really that easy.

(I made this one in honor of my friend Em. Ninja Turtles for the win.)

So please. If you're at this page because the link has passed under your gaze, or if you're at this page because you've found one of my little presents, let me know. And then pass this link on. I want to make many, many people smile, but I am but one person in one moderately sized city. You, my friends, are all over the world.

More than for me, though, I want this blog to be a place for you. If you find a picture that particularly made your day or if you're dropping a picture you want highlighted, please e-mail me at I'll do my best to get them posted and keep people informed. In the future I'd like to have a little fun with this, but it all depends on the involvement of you guys, so for now we'll see where this goes.

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